This article describes the procedure Cybertronics follows, to disable user access and delete terminated users under your company account. This ensures user access has been disabled and user management maintained.


Once a user termination request is received, the following will be performed:

  1. A backup of the user profile data of their primary company workstation is saved. (Applicable to company users only).
  2. The user account in Microsoft 365 is deleted
    • The user is removed from all associated Microsoft 365 group(s), shared mailbox(es), and distribution group(s).
    • The user account is disconnected from all mobile devices associated with the user (Applicable to company users only).
    • The company email address of the user is configured as an email alias on the supervisor mailbox, for email redirection purposes (Applicable to company users and VIP staff only)
  3. ***Delete the company user account in ADDS
  4. The voicemail of the phone extension assigned to the user, is reset (Applicable to company users only).
  5. The VPN configuration for remote access is deleted (Applicable to remote users).
  6. The website user account is deleted on the company site.
  7. [Addon] Delete the user in the company CRM or EMR system
  8. A notification is provided, via the support ticket, that the user termination is completed.