This article describes the procedure Cybertronics follows, to setup user access under your company account. This ensures users can perform their responsibilities, under your company systems.


Once company management submits the provided User Setup Request form, the following will be performed:

  1. A user account in Microsoft 365 is created with the user details provided
    • The user is assigned to the appropriate Microsoft 365 group(s), shared mailbox(es), and distribution group(s). (If specified in the user setup request submission)
    • The company email signature template is loaded into the user account (Applicable to company users only)
  2. ***Create a user account in ADDS and assign the user to all applicable user security group(s) (Applicable to company users only)
  3. A phone extension is assigned to the user and a voicemail reset is performed (If specified in the user setup request submission and applicable to company users only)
  4. A VPN configuration setup is provided for remote access (If specified in the user setup request submission. Applicable to remote users.)
  5. A website user account is created on the company site, with the user role as Staff (If specified in the user setup request submission)
  6. [Addon] Create a user account in the company CRM or EMR system (Applicable to company users only)
  7. A notification is provided directly to the user with their login credentials (If specified in the user setup request submission)
  8. A notification is provided with the generated user data, via the support ticket, to the requester, informing them of ticket resolution.


The username and email address is determined by your company account naming schema. Contact us if you have questions on this.