This article provides a reference of common feature codes used with your VoIP phone system. These features codes can be dialed from any phone extension*.

Feature Code
Direct Voicemail Transfer
*[Extension Number]
Reroute the active call on your extension, directly to the voicemail of the extension specified (Voicemail must be configured on the extension specified for this to function properly)
Call Forwarding: Activate
*72[Forward Destination]
Forward calls that reach your phone extension to another number. Calls will be forwarded regardless of your phone extension's calling state.
Call Forwarding: Deactivate
Deactivate call forwarding on your phone extension.
Directed Call Pickup**[Extension Number]
Reroute a ringing or active call from the extension specified to your extension

Blacklist the last caller to block any future calls (Use with caution)
Intercom Call
*80[Extension Number]
Perform an intercom call with the extension specified that will auto answer

If your extension is configured with voicemail, dialing this feature code will direct you to your voicemail mailbox
Echo Test*43

This will test the audio latency between your extension and the VoIP service
Audible Clock

Provides an audible way to check the current time from the phone

* The referenced feature code examples use phone extension 101 to dial the example codes